So you want a Love Spell, hmm?

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It seems that everyone comes to this cottage seeking magic, and the magic they are usually seeking, they call "Love."

Now, why do you suppose it is that young men and women are willing to face the dangers of this forest, and find their way here through the darkness and the brambles, the traps and dead-end paths, face the owls and monsters, come to me scratched and exhausted and offer me any price for Love, yet....

...when they think they have found this "love," they are not willing to do the same things within the relationship?

Perhaps we can begin by defining "Love."

  What do you think love is?

You might answer that it's when you feel very strongly about somone, or when someone wants to take care of you and be with you every moment. You might think that a desperate need for someone is "love" for that person. And you might think that if someone needs you desperately in order to be happy, then that means they love you. You might or might not think this includes sexual excitement, chemistry, you might say that love will "save" you or that when you have it, you will never again need or want anything, that you'll be happy forever, that it will make all your dreams come true, if only if only if only you could have that love...

When I think of "having" Love I do not think of having or getting something that comes from outside of me, even from someone very wonderful outside of me. "Having" Love means having the Love inside you, the Love that flows out from you into everything you do, say, see, and touch. It's a way of being and walking through this world we're in now, it is a form of worship, not of another person, but of Life itself!

Because each of us is a deep, dark forest. To make your way through the tangled paths to the warm hearth at your beloved's side, you must have courage to face the shadows and wild animals inside your own heart. There is nothing like interacting with another human being to bring those scary branches up right in your face! You must Love yourSelf, and have faith in yourSelf, in order to face the glowing eyes in the darkness, for if you don't, you will turn tail and run away from the Shadows, from the monsters... and also from the very person you've been wanting and dreaming of.

So maybe now you are ready for the First Spell?

...and of course now you know now what that Spell is to be. It's a Spell you cast on yourself, to learn how to [Love Yourself].

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