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Step into my ParlorI think the tea is ready. It's my own special blend of herbs I grew here myself. We can drink it out here on the porch, or we can go on inside to the Kitchen if you prefer.

My favorite seat is here on the steps. Would you like to join me here, or would you prefer the rocking chair? This dear, old porch is a bit rickety, but with all these roses climbing along the railings, it's a lovely place to sit and chat.

I know, I know, I don't seem much like a witch, do I? But don't be deceived by all these chirping birds and fluttering butterflies around here. There is plenty here that will protect me most fiercely (and will protect you, too, if you are a friend!)

So, what did you come here to learn? Did you want a love spell, perhaps? *smile!* Were you hoping I might be able to tell you your fortune? Or have you had a dream lately that has troubled you?

A tour of RoseWood


RoseWood originally started as a channel on [IRC] . Some friends got together and it grew from there. I built the cottage here on the banks of the Spirit River, and in time those of us who came to chat here also built a [fire circle] in a lovely clearing in the woods. On moonlit nights you could could just see the white roses that TickAngel planted next to the porch, glowing in the moonlight, and you could hear the soft susruss of Queen's Falls in the distance. On Thursday nights we would all gather around the fire and have ourselves a marshmallow roast and a [poetry reading].

The poetry attracted a Dark Knight, whose name turned out to be [Mordred Killraven]. Then there was awoken in him an old muse long thought dead, and he settled in a cave just above the River. Stop by and visit him if you have time; maybe he'll inspire you, too.

The Great Efnet Wars of '96 pretty much put an end to everybody's fun on IRC, but by then The Glade was a very real place in a lot of minds and hearts. Most of the visitors to #RoseWood kept in touch, and DarkRose moved to a beautiful wooded corner of KrystalRose.com to meet in, and a new web-based interactive front porch where we can still sit and chat.

A grainy old photo of the real-world RoseWood

I hope you'll come back and visit often to see the new things that spring up in and around the Glade. Perhaps you'll come to feel like a part of the RoseWood cyberfamily in time, too.

If you have built your castles in the air, your work need not be lost.
That is where they should be.
Now, put the foundations under them.

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