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Do you believe in Magick?

Welcome to my parlor! I've finally done some much-needed remodeling, but I have kept those wonderful old, overstuffed chairs that have always made my guests feel so comfortable. Have a seat, and yes, that cup of tea on the edge of the table is for you.

Did you come here looking for a [Love Spell]?

Others seek me out, here in my cottage hidden in the tangled forest, thinking that I might have some special ability to "see into the future." In my own way, I do! I believe that 99% of prophecy is simply the ability to know what is going on right NOW... easier said than done, eh?

Most divination tools help us figure out what path our feet are on right now, how we got there, and therefore how we can have control over where we go from here. There are many wonderful tools to help us do this, and many wonderful sites on the web about them.

Though I have used some of these tools, my own specialty is [Dream interpretation]. Have you had a dream lately that makes you wonder...?